World's fattest boy loses enough weight to play outside and go to school

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Just two years ago, 10-year-old Arya Permana weighed 30 stone and was morbidly obese.

The Indonesian child was so overweight that he was confined to his bed and couldn't even go to school or wear clothes that fitted him properly.

His size grew at an abnormal rate but neither his parents or doctors initially saw anything wrong with his weight.

According to the Mirror, Arya would eat five times a day and would consume enough food to feed two adults.

His diet would include rice, fish curry, beef, vegetable soup and a soy patty known as a Tempeh, but his motherRokayah felt helpless.

The Mirror quotes her as saying:

He was perpetually hungry and had an enormous diet.

He was always tired and complains of shortness of breath.

He only ate and slept. There is no other pain than seeing own child suffering.

No mother wants to stop feeding her children but I had to as I was helpless.

We had no money to see doctors and had exhausted all our savings in feeding him.

In 2016 his weight hit headlines around the globe and was featured in a video by Barcroft TV.

After his story became known worldwide experts stepped in to help.

Now, two years later Arya is in a much healthier condition after shedding 12 stone.

He plays football and badminton, runs 2k a day, walks to school and eats a strict diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, four tablespoons of rice and diet milk.

The turnaround came courtesy of the advice of dieticians and bariatric surgery, which took place last April.

The surgery helped him lose three stones in just three weeks. This dramatic change means that he can no longer eat carbs or sugar.

Arya's change has delighted his mother who is happy to see her son up and active again. She added:

I am really happy to see my son’s health now. I cannot express in words how I happy I am.

It feels wonderful to see him playing and going to school like normal.

He was a bright student and always topped until he had to quit school for not being able to walk.

We are hoping he’ll soon lose the remaining extra weight and live a healthy, normal life like our other kids.

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