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On Thursday, New Zealand-based rocket company Rocket Lab launched a new satellite.

The Humanity Star is orbiting Earth as we speak and is reportedly visible to the naked eye, thanks largely to it being a reflective sphere.

The company's goal for the project was for the satellite "to serve as a focal point for humanity as every single person on Earth will have the opportunity to see and experience it."

When they put it like that it seems really nice and heartfelt. The only problem is that it looks like a giant disco ball and that's the last thing astronomers want to see in the night sky.

This news has really angered a number of stargazers and they have let Rocket Lab know all about it on Twitter.

Rocket Lab have since attempted to quash any fears that astronomers have about the Humanity Star, which will reportedly only be in the sky for nine months before decaying.

That being said, it will orbit the planet every 90 minutes beaming a bright light back down to Earth but won't be visible everywhere.

In a statement, Mashablequotes Rocket Lab CEO, Peter Beck as saying:

The Humanity Star will briefly flash across the sky for a few seconds, reflecting sunlight back to the Earth’s surface, creating a fleeting glint of light.

It is designed to be a brief moment of just a few seconds.

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