Australian man in his pants gives most Australian interview ever

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What do you think when you hear 'Australian bloke'? Cool? Perennially underdressed? In possession of an indomitable spirit?

Uses the word 'mate' a lot?

Daniel McConnell embodies all these qualities.

The 35-year-old from Brisbane proved himself a hero for his country, when he chased down a hit and run driver - in nothing but his underwear. He then proceeded to give the Aussiest interview in history.

You can also see the full interview here.

Appearing to have a cigarette stuffed in his ear, McConnell tells the Today Show that he was woken by his wife at around 2am after a car crashed into his "mate's mum's fish and chip shop down the road".

Me wife comes in and says, someone ran into the shop, and I said 'aw, what'? So I jumped out of bed and all I had was me undies on.

I walked out the front and I seen the car smashed and the bloke walking back to the car, and so I walked outside and I said 'aw, what are you doing mate? You can't be leaving the scene!' And he goes 'Don't be a hero, mate!'

And he just decided he'd scoot up the road and I said 'nah, it's not going on like that mate', so I jumped in me car and I started chasing him up the road. 

But mate, all I had was me jocks on and I was chasing him up the street and I'm just like...mate!

McConnell managed to signal the police to follow the runaway driver, who was eventually caught and has been charged him with one count of unlicensed driving.

When the presenter pointed out that most superheroes wear their jocks on the outside, he replied: "Yeah but I had nothing on but me jocks!"

Nor did he, in fact, for this interview he gave to Sky News...

The interviews have stormed the internet like a bushfire, racking up millions of views and admiring comments.

Some refer to him as the Aussiest Bloke Of All Time, some nominate him for Prime Minister...

And some just call him what he is: a hero.

Even when the Today Show reporter asked him whether he felt like a hero, he replied heroically:

Aw, not really, it's just something you gotta do for the community mate.

It's like, you look after your mates and your mates will always look after you.

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