You'll never guess what this Australian was smuggling through customs

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Monday 07 November 2016 13:15
(Picture: AFP)

Walking through customs is often an experience fraught with a decent amount of irrational anxiety: you know you haven't snuck anything through, but the stony-eyed stares of the customs guards fill you with fear anyway.

So imagine the level of nerves if you've actually tried to sneak something through.

When a 50-year-old Australian woman was arrested at Queensland airport, she was routinely asked if she had anything to declare.

Yes, yes she did.

Picture: AFP/Getty(Picture: AFP)

A baby koala. In her bag.


According to the woman, she had found the baby koala, who is approximately six months old on a main road in a Brisbane town called Nathan, and had nursed it back to health.

What prompted the woman to then take the 1.5kg baby koala - which has been named Alfred - across the country in a bag, is unclear.

Koalas are an endangered species in Australia, and the law forbids owning one as a pet.

An RSPCA Queensland spokesperson said the koala was a little dehydrated but was in good health:

He’s been on fluids but is doing well and will shortly be going out to a carer.

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