These photos of a dust storm in Australia are terrifying


Huge bush fires have been destroying parts of Australia for weeks, and many areas are desperate for rain.

With promises of storms, some thought that they’d finally be getting some well-needed showers. Along with the severe thunderstorms that were predicted on Sunday night, Australians in New South Wales were brought huge dust storms.

The winds produced by the thunderstorms whipped up dry dust so intensely that some towns went dark in the middle of the day.

People are sharing pictures and videos of the storms on Twitter, and many of the images look practically apocalyptic.

One person tweeted, “When the bureau forecasts rain and this arrives... AGAIN! #fudust #sickofcleaning #whenwillwegetrain”. Luckily, the thick dust clouds have in some areas finally given way to rain, although it’s partly come along with hailstones.

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