Australian politician wants police to use cattle prods on climate change protesters

Australian politician wants police to use cattle prods on climate change protesters

An Australian politician wants to start using cattle prods on climate change protesters. Yes, you read that correctly.

Australia has seen plenty of protests this year, especially with regards to climate change, with major roads have being shut down as a result of the those seen in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

In regards to this issue, One Nation (a right-wing populist group) leader Pauline Hanson is mad as hell and she’s not going to take it any more.

The vocal critic of free speech and outspoken opponent of political correctness took to Twitter on Tuesday posting:

PAULINE'S PLAN TO PUNISH PROTESTER PESTS@OneNationAus leader Pauline Hanson has come up with a plan to deal with the serial pest, climate change protester who are planning to shut down Australian airports. #auspol

In the clip she says:

Well I don’t know if you’ve ever seen one of these before — it’s called a jig, in other words, a cattle prod. When the farmers have trouble with the cattle and getting them up off the floor of the trucks, or in the cattle yards, well they just touch them with this and they soon move — doesn’t matter how big the beasts are, they’ll soon move with this.

Recently we’ve had all the protesters in Brisbane lying on the streets, glueing themselves, and what about the protesters now, they’re talking about how they want to go to the airports, stop the traffic at the airports.

What about you? How about if you need to get through the traffic, maybe take a loved one to the hospital, or desperately need to get to your job, or something is happening and the protesters are there?

You know what I reckon’s the solution? Let’s use one of these on them, I think they’ll soon move. Maybe we should give the idea to Annastacia Palaszczuk, see if she’s got the guts to actually give it to police to start using these. I would.

The video, posted in response to the news that Extinction Rebellion is considering trying to shut down Brisbane Airport for the next protest, sees Hanson (not the band) pose walk and talk as though she’s being written by Aaron Sorkin but with the added aspect that she’s holding a cattle prod and extolling the virtues of using it on human beings.

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