The latest artist taking the world by storm is a massive Argentinian lizard named Winston.

Footage shows the tegu lizard, owned by Sarah Curry of Michigan, dipping its claws and tail in paint before thrashing against the canvas in a manner that calls to mind the works of Jackson Pollock.

Sarah, a graphic designer, puts the paintings up for auction and they tend to sell for up to $75. Incredibly, the pair have raised $1,000 and it’s going towards the Australia Fire Relief fund. She said:

He was once owned by someone who was not sure about his needs so they couldn’t provide the proper care he needed to thrive. They eventually dropped him off in a box in front of a zoo at the Great Lakes Zoological Society in the month of October. He was underweight, skin was not in good shape and he needed some TLC.

She went on to add:

With Australia facing the fires and devastation, I wanted to do something to help as much as I can. So, I did some research after speaking to zookeepers and vets and I listened to them after reading on different paints. Then I just let Winston do what he does best… Make a big mess! They turned out beautiful and he seemed to enjoy how the paint felt on his feet.

This lizard is truly an inspiration to us all.

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