The average number of cigarettes smoked per person, per year, mapped


China is the world's biggest consumer of cigarettes, adults there smoke a huge 4124 each a year (11-12 a day), according to data from the World Health Organisation.

In a close second is Belarus (3831 cigarettes smoked per adult, per year), then Lebanon (3023), Macedonia (2732), and Russia (2690).

Guinea smokes the least cigarettes a year, averaging only 15 per adult per year (or one every 24 days). The Solomon Islands (26), Kiribati (28), Uganda (41) and Rwanda (53) are the next bottom four.

68 of the 182 countries average less than one cigarette per adult per day, and 61 countries smoke more than 1000 cigarettes per adult, per year (2.74 a day).

The UK ranks around halfway (74th), with our adults smoking 826 cigarettes each per year (just over two a day).

See the whole map below.

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