'B****cks': What Bob Geldof has to say to critics of Band Aid 30

A live television interview with Bob Geldof was cut short earlier today after the musician and activist swore twice when responding to criticism of the new Band Aid 30 single.

When asked what he thought of those who said that if rich popstars all "paid their taxes in the correct way then we wouldn't need charity singles", Geldof replied: "I think they're talking bollocks."

After being warned over his "pretty colourful language" by Sky News presenter Jayne Secker, Geldof was then pushed to respond to an article in the Observer that described the song, which is aimed at raising money for the fight against Ebola, as "patronising and perpetuating myths again", Geldof again replied:

Complete load of bollocks.

  • Bob Geldof, November 2014
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