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Bristol Zoo has said a six-month-old gorilla being cared for by keepers in lieu of its mother is making good progress.

Hasani was born last August, but is being cared for round-the-clock by keepers after his mother, Kala, found raising him challenging.

Weighing in at six kilos, the little one is being bottle-fed milk over five feeds throughout the day – but no longer needs to be fed at night.

He is said to enjoy walking, climbing and rope-swinging, and has started to also eat some solid food with his 10 teeth – including carrots, sweet potato and green beans.

“Hasani can get himself around nicely now. He’s becoming much more confident in exploring on his own,” said Lynsey Bugg, curator of mammals at Bristol Zoo Gardens.

Hasani, a western lowland gorilla, is being reintroduced gradually to the seven others of his species at the zoo – peering at his peers through a mesh with his keepers.

Hasani \u2013 taken by keeper Shani \u2013 05.02.21 (2)

“The females will all come over to see and sniff him. His mother, Kala, will regularly give him gentle grumbles, a vocalisation that is positive and welcoming,” said Ms Bugg.

“They quite enjoy sitting with him whilst he climbs on the mesh between them.

“We are spending time with him in all areas of the Gorilla Island exhibit so he will get used to the island ready for when he goes back to live with the group, hopefully later this year.”

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