Universal force restaurant to permanently close for sounding like 'Back to the Future'

Universal force restaurant to permanently close for sounding like 'Back to the Future'
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A restaurant has been forced to close for good because its name sounded too similar to the film Back to the Future.

The owners of the restaurant Back to the Foodture have decided to close their two locations in Pittsburgh after a lengthy back and forth with lawyers representing Universal Studios has left them financially struggling.

Universal Studios owns the 1985 movie Back to the Future, in which Michael J. Fox plays the time-travelling teenager Marty McFly.

The husband-and-wife owners of the restaurant, Angel and Eddie Barnz Magwood, said they were first emailed by an attorney for Universal Studios earlier this year.

Angel explained: “We have been going back and forth with them since February paying lawyer fees and filing paperwork. We just can’t do it anymore.”

The couple applied for a trademark on the restaurant name and believes this is when Universal Studio became aware of the name that sounds similar to the film.

Angel said: “We thought we were doing the right thing by applying for a trademark.”

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A post on the restaurant’s Facebook page read: “Foodturemaniacs, WE can not fight Universal Studios any longer. So on August 16th, BACK TO THE FOODTURE will be closing All Back To The Foodture restaurants.

“Our Foodturemaniacs made these past 4 years for us super awesome. And we will never forget any of ya’ll. We love all of YA'LL. Thank YA'LL again for believing in our dream.”

The restaurant was kitted out with retro gear including an Etch A Sketch, Lite Brite, rotary phone and a manual typewriter.

Many locals were saddened by the news and some even urged the couple to change the name of the restaurant in order to stay open.

“That really sucks. Can’t you just change your name? You guys have worked so hard,” one person wrote.

Another said: “I feel so bad for you both. What ever the direction you make I wish you the best of luck.”

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