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People say you can learn a lot about someone by how they treat restaurant staff.

The main thing being - if someone is rude to staff, they’re a bad person.

You can find some of the worst of these people on the “Tales From Your Server” subreddit, which documents the trials and tribulations of servers around the world.

And this example, from a since-deleted post, is so bad the woman was immediately dumped because of it.

It starts like this:

Last night I was taking care of a party of 16 and a few other tables of just couples. The party of 16 was needy, but they were aware of it and remained friendly... except 'Angie'...

For some context, this story takes place on Valentine’s Day…

The first incident with 'Angie' was not taking her order first. I went around the table, got to her, and she let out a, 'JFC, about time. People are thirsty.' I continued with drink orders, walking around the table to place coasters, started walking away and heard "excuse me miss, but where is my drink???" I tell her, 'I haven't left the table yet. It will be here shortly.' Her boyfriend, 'Luis', apologises for her and I carry on with my routine.

All standard bad customer stuff so far, but it gets worse.

The second incident was when Angie ate Rebecca's appetizer (which was dropped off by a food runner). Angie's excuse (which she uses again later on...) 'How am I supposed to know what I ordered?'

Luis: 'Babe, you didn't even order an appetiser.'

Angie (looking right at me): 'Well this dumb b**** shouldn't have put it front of me of it wasn't mine.'

Once again, apologies from Luis on Angie's behalf.

To be honest, we're wondering what Rebecca is thinking during all of this – there is no chance someone could steal our starter without hearing a word from us about it.

The night goes on like this until our narrator brings over the check.

Luis tells her to put it with him and he’ll pass it around the group.

But apparently that was the wrong decision for Angie…

I'm having a conversation with a lovely couple on their first date when Angie walks over to the table and starts yelling. 'You're so f***ing lazy that you can't even hand our checks to us. You just throw them on the f***ing table. How are we supposed to know what we ordered??? You need to get your ass back to our table and quit talking to your friends and do your f***ing job!!!'

At this point, our narrator pulls out the ultimate server power move and gets her manager involved.

I tell her that I'll get a manager and she can speak with them. I tell my manager everything and she just gets this wonderfully evil smile on her face. She tells me not to return to the table and to give the interrupted couple the employee discount and a dessert.

As I'm doing this, I look over and see Angie and Luis talking to my manager. Angie is waving her arms around like a wacky inflatable man. My manager is still smiling like a creep. Luis is rolling his eyes. Everyone signs their checks and leaves. I pick them up and see that the tips on all of them have been scratched out.

Wait, what? She scratched out the tips…

I walk outside and see Rebecca #2, ask her about it, she gets visibly p****d, and has the entire party resign copies of their checks. Luis and his brother come up to me, apologise again, and hand me $40 in cash.

And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

Then the best thing ever happens. Luis walks downstairs to Angie. I have no idea what he said. But the entire floor heard 'YOU'RE GONNA DUMP ME FOR SOME STUPID WAITRESS??? F*** HER! F*** YOU!! YOU'RE A DUMB B**** TOO!'

Imagine being so rude you get dumped literally on the spot… at an event with your friends… on Valentine’s Day…


The server's post was met with an incredibly supportive response and rightly so.

Hopefully you don't need reminding, but please don't ever be rude to restaurant staff.

There's no excuse for it.

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