Bad news for fans of tuna and mackerel - they're dying out fast

Tuna and mackerel populations have suffered a massive decline of 74 per cent between 1970 and the present, a new report has shown.

The Living Blue Planet Report from the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) has shown that the marine vertebrate population has declined 49 per cent between 1970 and 2012, and populations utilised by humans have fallen by half.

(Image: WWF)

Nearly 3 billion people rely on fish as a major source of protein and fisheries and aquaculture assure the livelihoods of 10–12 per cent of the world’s population.

The WWF say that only 3.4 per cent of the ocean is protected, with only part of the protected area effectively managed.

Louise Heaps, chief advisor on marine policy at WWF UK, said:

This is catastrophic. We are destroying vital food sources, and the ecology of our oceans.

It is believed that the major causes of such declines are overfishing, disruption, acidification and pollution.

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