This bakery's brownies are specifically designed to alleviate period pain

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One great solution women have found for period pain is consuming sweet foods.

Cakes, chocolate or anything with a high sugar or carbohydrate count is apparently perfect for alleviating the pains during that time.

But what if there was a type of food that not only eased the pain but was also good for you?

Step-forward Devon Loftus, the founder of Washington based bakery Moon Cycle which is attempting to achieve exactly that.

Moon Cycle specialise in desserts that are specifically designed to support a woman's hormone system during menstruation.

They operate as a monthly delivery service and all of their recipes include nutrients such as ginger and magnesium, which have been found to help women during their periods.

Their treats include brownies, cupcakes and matcha bites and cost around $15 a month.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Devon explained the concept behind the service.

When you're on your period, something that is delicious and sweet can be so comforting.

But we thought, wouldn't it be great if you could feed those cravings with something that is good for your body.

Devon was inspired to start the company after a conversation with her friend at a pre-wedding party in California last year.

Her friend, who was on her period at the time, claimed that the chocolate cake she was eating made her "emotional."

That triggered an idea which prompted Devon to talk to dietitians, acupuncturists and physicians about what minerals and vitamins women lack when they are on their period.

Speaking to the industry, and to women in general, it became very clear that women want and need to be gifted during that period; to turn something that doesn't feel great into something that is enjoyable, that you look forward to, that makes you feel good, nourishing your body and soul.

From there, she and her husband came up with the recipes and baked the treats.

Unfortunately, Devon doesn't deliver internationally yet.

The science is fresh, we're just beginning to understand how this all works.

But there is more to it than just cravings during your period. It's about gifting yourself a moment, and not denying yourself anything.

All of us need a moment when we just allow ourselves to sit, have some time, and enjoy something delicious. 

Even if you're not on your period, we all have times when we need a treat.

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