University professor suspended after calling police on black student for not moving seats

A university professor has been suspended from Ball State University in Indiana after calling the police on a black student because he didn't want to move seats.

The incident occurred last month, and according to Sultan Benson, the student in question, came about after the place he usually sat was taken, and marketing professor Shaheen Borna told him to sit at the back instead. Then when the other student left the class, Borna told Benson move to the front.

Benson asked why, and claimed that Borna could not give him an answer so he decided against moving. At that point, inexplicably, Borna told him that if he didn't move seats he would call the police. Yes, that's right. Call the actual police on a student for not moving seats.

A video was widely circulated at the time and a Fox News journalist tweeted the footage to people's anger and dismay.

Now it seems that the Indiana university is taking notice, suspending Borna (who subsequently admitted he "mishandled" the situation) for the rest of the semester.

Benson, who had dropped Borna's class since the incident, told The Star Press that Borna's suspension was a "small victory," but also understandably questioned whether "this slap on the wrist is enough."

He continued:

I’m not doing anything out of spite. I want justice, and a temporary leave for all of the policies he broke is still just the bare minimum, but at least it's a step forward in the right direction.

HT: The Hill

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