Bank robber caught after using card with his own name on it during robbery

Bank robber caught after using card with his own name on it during robbery
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During a hold-up, a knife-wielding bank robber in Scotland got caught after using a card with his name on it.

Scott Fergusen stood in the line at a Bank of Scotland branch in Patrick while waiting to be served before being called over by a female employee.

"Ferguson used his bank card to check his account," prosecutor Michael Macintosh told the High Court in Glasgow, as noted by Glasgow Live.

"He withdrew the balance of £3 and then said: 'One more thing.'

"He walked around the counter and stated: 'Give me the rest of the money.'

"The staff member realised that he was holding a knife," Macintosh continued.

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When the employee yelled out for help, the outlet reported that Ferguson scrambled through a cash box but escaped without a penny.

The police were then alerted and found that the worker was "visibly distressed and shaken."

Macintosh said that the CCTV was able to confirm the identity of Ferguson by referencing his bank information and comparing it to "the footage of photos police had of him."

The report also said that Ferguson carried out another knife Point raid on the very same day at a Farmfoods store in Drumchapel and stole several hundred pounds.

The police also discovered that Ferguson was, in fact, the perpetrator and initially contacted his mother.

The mother ended up calling him as officers were there, and he reportedly said: "I am sorry. I have done a bad thing."

He even said that he would turn himself in, but he neglected to do so.

Later on that day, he was found at a house in Drumchapel and went on to threaten the officers after being held.

On Tuesday (14 June), the court was informed that DNA linked Ferguson to another raid at the Wild Things florist in Scotstoun on March 18, 2019.

Ferguson admitted to robbing the Farmfoods store and attempting to rob the florist and bank.

He eventually pleaded guilty to an assault charge and resisted the police officer's arrest.

Ferguson is also no stranger to going to jail as he had an extensive criminal record and was freed early from a prior jail term at the time.

Lord Lake has him in custody and adjourned the sentencing until next month for further reports.

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