Obama's former speech writer has valuable life advice for millennials

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At the ripe age of 24, David Litt worked his way up to one of Barack Obama's top speechwriters.

Which, let's be honest, puts those of us who think are boss is actually alright to shame.

Litt spoke to MTVabout the lessons he learned, for the rest of us mere mortals to make note of.

Get involved in politics

Litt says it's crucial to be politically aware in these volatile times. He said:

For young people looking to shape and change the country and get us out of the mess that we’re in, I do think there’s nothing more effective than politics.

It’s not just about all the good you can do — it’s about all the bad you can prevent. That’s less inspiring, but it’s true.

Do something that matters

Litt advises everyone to join a campaign to get some perspective and be a part of something bigger.

And not necessarily a political campaign, although I think that’s often the way to go but just figure out what you care about that is bigger than yourself, and figure out a way to become part of that and the rest of it will fall into place.

More importantly you’ll do something that really matters.

We're all going through the same anxieties

Litt admits that even he was terrified of his boss.

I happened to be in the White House during the time, but I think I went through what everyone else goes through as they leave college and try to figure out their place in the world.

Remember that there's always good to be found in the bad

Litt said that Donald Trump's divisive policies are actually bringing people closer together, thanks to their shared values.

What gives me hope is that when you look at the American people, it’s not that we agree on everything but we still share the same basic set of values.

So far having a president who doesn’t share those values has only strengthened our commitment to them. It hasn’t changed that sort of sense of common, core beliefs.


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