Trump supporter brilliantly taken down after trying to trash Obama


Jason Rezaian is an Iranian-American journalist who was subject to "torture and other cruel treatment" during his year-and-a-half stay in a prison in Tehran.

He was arrested at gunpoint after security forces raided his home, and imprisoned under unproven charges relating to espionage.

He was eventually released in January 2016 as part of a prisoner exchange between America and Iran.

The then-White House press secretary, Josh Earnest, said Barack Obama and his team “dedicated a lot of time and energy to securing Jason’s release”.

Rezaian tweeted earlier this week that hostages in a similar situation look like they’re now being abandoned by Donald Trump.

One Twitter user decided to reply saying that Obama “never got anyone back” apart from “one military turncoat and Guantanamo prisoners who rejoined Isis”.

So, of course, someone had to jump in and say something:

And people loved it.

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