Obama would beat Trump by a landslide if they went head-to-head today, polls reveal

Obama would beat Trump by a landslide if they went head-to-head today, polls reveal

News that won’t abate Donald Trump’s obsession with Barack Obama any time soon: a new poll suggests Trump’s predecessor would beat him “in a landslide” if they went head to head now.

Conducted by Public Policy Polling, the survey shows 54 per cent of respondents opting to back Obama in a hypothetical presidential race.

In comparison, 43 per cent say they would be giving their vote to Trump.

Three per cent said they “didn’t know”.

Interestingly, 44 per cent of those who participated in the poll said they had voted for Trump in 2016, while 46 per cent said they had supported Hilary Clinton in the same race.

The poll seems to show Obama’s enduring popularity; in 2018 he was also ranked by Americans as the best president of their lifetime.

Trump came fourth, after Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan.

This latest result is unlikely to go down well with Trump who is said to be “jealous” of the fact Obama still commands respect among the US population.

Envy is said to be one of the driving factors behind the revival of Trump’s anti-Obama crusade, which has recently included promoting a conspiracy theory about the former president somehow undermining Trump’s 2016 campaign for the White House, and calling him a “grossly incompetent president”.

Trump’s approval ratings have begun to climb again after a pandemic-prompted dip – he’s now back to his personal best of 49 per cent approval.

However he’s got work to do if he ever wants to best Obama’s personal record of 67 per cent approval.

And judging from Trump’s fury every time Obama’s name is brought up, he’s well aware.

Obama may have left the White House but he’s living rent free in Trump’s head…

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