BBC presenters are now sitting very far away from each other and people are unsettled

The first morning after the government announced a string of stricter measures in order to fight the spread of coronavirus was always going to be odd.

Lots of us are second guessing ourselves, unsure about what this new period of life is going to be like. What can we no longer do? How long will this last?

One piece of advice that we’re going to hear a lot over the next little while is to stay away from others (six feet, to be precise) in order to avoid catching and spreading COVID-19.

Judging by the presenting team on BBC Breakfast this morning, the advice seems to be sinking in...

Viewers noticed that presenting duo Dan Walker and Louise Minchin were sitting further away from each other than normal. We can’t tell whether the distance amounted to the recommended six feet, but it was enough to well and truly spook a lot of people out.

Look… See for yourself.

On Twitter, people were pretty disturbed by it. After all, it’s just one more indication that life is going to be different for the next little while, and that’s unsettling.

But some thought they weren’t far enough apart.

The vibe reminded people of a lot of things

If you're concerned about coronavirus, the best thing to do is pay attention to the latest advice. You might even find it on the BBC, via presenters sat further than usual away from each other

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