The BBC just confused two black female MPs

The BBC just confused two black female MPs

The BBC is being accused of being racially insensitive yet again.

Barely a week ago, BBC News aired footage of LeBron James to illustrate Kobe Bryant's death. At the time, the BBC apologised for the "human error" which led to them confusing two black men.

If one were to be charitable, it could be argued that perhaps neither James nor Bryant are as well known in the UK as they are in the US. The same cannot be said for our own MPs.

And yet, BBC Parliament captioned a clip of Battersea MP Marsha de Cordova with Dawn Butler's name.

While Cordova is arguable less well known, Butler is currently running for deputy leader of the Labour party, and has been shadow equalities minister since 2017.

Butler called out the error on Twitter saying that this is why "diversity in the workplace matters". Cordova echoed her thoughts in a retweet, saying:

This is what happens when the media does not represent the society it reports on.

According to the latest figures available on the BBC's website, 14.8 per cent of its staff and 10.4 per cent of its "leadership staff" identified as BAME in March 2018. That same report claims that their targets for 2020 are to reach 15 per cent BAME representation for both categories.

As of yet, 2020 figures have not been released.

Last year, the BBC faced heavy criticism for its treatment of a complaint against Naga Munchetty for calling out racism on BBC Breakfast.

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