This BBC interview went horribly wrong in an amazing way

This BBC interview went horribly wrong in an amazing way

Technology is an incredible thing.

It's developed what used to be a slow and arduous process of reporting the news - with telegrams, wires and printing presses - into a truly global and instantaneous experience.

We can beam live pictures from Mosul, attach GoPros to sparrow hawks and interview almost any human being on the planet with access to the internet.

It's with that in mind that we bring you this, hilarious, video of a specialist, Robert E. Kelly, discussing the ongoing situation in South Korea.

Utilising a Skype connection, a BBC News presenter in London was quizzing the Kelly on his reactions to the impeachment of South Korean President Park Geun-hye by a court.

During the interview, one of the Kelly's children makes their way slyly into the office... And things only go downhill from there.

Another child appears in a bouncer and then an exasperated looking woman retrieves them both.

Make sure you're not doing anything too important for the next 42 seconds... Things get pretty hilarious.

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