Someone changed the BBC's inaugration subtitles, and it was incredible

A Twitter user has shared a video that appears to show the BBC mixing up its subtitles during the presidential inauguration ceremony.

Clips posted on social media of a BBC News report showed a muted version of the inauguration ceremony broadcast with some very unusual subtitles.

Twitter user @Kaytality posted a video of the alleged mix-up and wrote: "BBC News have the wrong subtitles and it's pretty glorious."

It was reported that the subtitles came from EastEnders, but it appears that they are in fact from the CBBC programme The Dumping Ground.

Suffice to say that audiences on social media were fairly amused.

Transcript of the BBC inauguration subtitles:

"Look, if you ain't seen Sasha, just do one, yeah? No-one wants you here."

"You're only in a mood because Mo's gone."

"Just shut it, yeah?"

"Oi! Leave him alone!"

"Just tell him to get out of my face."

"So it was him in your room."

"Oh, whatever."

"You can't come here outside of contact, or Mum will get into trouble. Is that what you want? Or for her and Kev to be a family? With you and Murphy and the baby. And me."

"Sasha, hurry up!"

"Stop playing around with Bailey and go home."

A BBC spokesperson told indy100:

We have not found any evidence or had other feedback from viewers that our main output covering the inauguration was subtitled incorrectly.

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