Belfast boy ‘steals the show’ as Queen visits local bakery

Belfast boy ‘steals the show’ as Queen visits local bakery
Fitz was dressed for the occasion of meeting the Queen (Liam McBurney/PA)
PA Wire/PA Images - Liam McBurney

A young Belfast boy was said to have stolen the show for a minute as some of Northern Ireland’s favourite food was showcased to the Queen.

Camilla received goodies from Coffey’s Butchers, The Arcadia deli and Knotts Bakery during a visit to the Lisburn Road in south Belfast on Wednesday.

These included Irish black butter, vegetable rolls, beef sausages, Belfast pickle, fruit loaf and an iced Madeira cake.

Camilla said the King, who is receiving treatment for cancer, had been disappointed not to be there as she received a get well card and well-wishes for him, adding “he is doing very well”.

At traditional home bakery Knotts, 23-month-old Fitz Corrie-Salmon was dressed to impress in a tuxedo.

Fitz with QueenYoung Fitz enjoyed posing for the cameras while Camilla looked on (Liam McBurney/PA)PA Wire/PA Images - Liam McBurney

Fitz, the son of bakery owner William Corrie and his wife Zoe Salmon – who is a former Miss Northern Ireland and Blue Peter presenter – beamed at Camilla as she entered the shop.

Camilla was tempted with some of the shop’s favourites, including a fruit loaf and iced Madeira cake, but Fitz also caught her eye as he inspected nearby photographers, intrigued by the clicking cameras.

She chuckled as it was joked that he had stolen her thunder, smiling down at the young boy.

“We have a natural for the cameras,” she said.

She added about the bakery: “There’s something so wonderful about this kind of place.”

Mr Corrie described Camilla as a “lovely lady”, adding he talked her through the baked goods.

He added: “Fitz made quite the show, he made an effort, picked the tux out himself. Photographers were taking pictures of him as well as her at one point which was very funny, we did joke Fitz had stolen her thunder for a minute, she was great.

“It’ll be quite the story for him when he gets older.”

Queen Camilla visit to Northern IrelandThe Queen with Fitz and his parents (Liam McBurney/PA)PA Wire/PA Images - Liam McBurney

Ms Salmon, who has met several members of the royal family over her career, including the Prince of Wales and Duke of Sussex, said she was delighted her son was meeting a royal at such a young age.

“Fitz loved getting dressed up for this very special day, he definitely had fun in there – you never know what to expect when you have a 23-month-old,” she said.

On Camilla, she added: “She was everything I thought she would be, very warm, very charming, lovely. I’m sure she’s had a great day in Northern Ireland, the crowds and the atmosphere here on the Lisburn Road has been fabulous, a very memorable day.”

Camilla also took the time to greet gathered well-wishers on the street, who had managed to find out about the visit despite it not being announced in advance.

She was given an envelope of cards made for the King by the children of Fane Street Primary School, and also met Anne-Marie Wallace and her 12-year-old son Oscar Dalzell, who has a collection of 15 letters from members of the royal family he brought in a folder to show her.

One recent letter, hand-signed “with best wishes Camilla R”, thanks him for his letter and the “beautiful picture of a crown”.

The Queen told him it was “lovely to put a face to the name of a correspondent”, saying he writes “lovely letters”.

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