A different Ben Bradley has a hilarious response to people sending him abuse meant for the Tory MP

A different Ben Bradley has a hilarious response to people sending him abuse meant for the Tory MP

The UK has seen a significant amount of uproar in the past week after the government voted against giving free school meals to children during October half-term and Christmas holidays.

More than 300 Tory MPs voted against a motion brought forward by Labour, which followed a campaign launched by Manchester United and England footballer Marcus Rashford, to help struggling families during the pandemic that rely on school meals to feed their children. The campaign had been successful during the summer but the government decided that they weren't going to back it this time.

The backlash against the government has been strong but some MPs have attempted to defend themselves but have only created more controversy. Ben Bradley, the Tory MP for Mansfield, caused outrage by claiming that the free school meal vouchers that were distributed in the summer was "£20 cash direct to a crack den and a brothel" in a series of tweets that have since been deleted. Screenshots of the tweets have since circulated with members of the shadow cabinet alarmed by what Bradley said.

There has been so much criticism aimed at Bradley that some people weren't even checking if they were trolling the correct person. And it turned out there's another prominent Ben Bradley who is a news anchor and investigative reporter for WGN News in Chicago.

Inevitably he began receiving angry tweets from people carelessly tagging the wrong man. The American Bradley had no choice to tell the good people of Britain that he's not a member of parliament.

This spawned a series of quite frankly excellent tweets from Bradley as people continued to mistake him for the Tory MP and he confirmed that he doesn't know who 'Farage' is (what a blissful world that must be).

He was even calling out people who were incorrectly tagging other Ben Bradleys (how many of these guys are there?)

Trust us Ben, you really don't need to know what a 'c**kwomble' is.

He revealed that this isn't anything new and has been happening for two years now.

He's now quite possibly the internet's favourite Ben Bradley.

To cap things off he put together a simple tweet for anyone still confused as to which of them is a Tory MP and which is a news anchor in Chicago with a very good Twitter game.

All in all, please remember to check that you are tagging the correct person on Twitter no matter the nature of the message as you'll be causing someone else a huge amount of headache.

In the meantime, the free school meals campaign has seen an overwhelming response from the public with businesses and councils across the country offering free meals to families in need.

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