Conservative writer and Donald Trump supporter Ben Stein was criticised online after he suggested African-Americans have a “deep attachment” to victimhood.

His comments came following Democrat Cory Booker’s statement that he wouldn’t rule out meeting with infamous Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan as he pushes to get sponsorship for a reparations bill.

During her show on the Fox Business Network, Trish Regan asked him: “In this environment, we’re now looking at the lowest unemployment rate for black Americans in the history of the united states of America under none other than president Trump. Is any of that loyalty starting to shift? Are traditional black Democrats saying, ‘Hey, maybe the Democratic party has failed me? Maybe I need to rethink this.’”

Stein controversially responded: “I wish I could say that that was true but I don’t think it is true.

I don’t know why it isn’t true but there is a very deep attachment to black people feeling like they’re the underdogs and feeling like they’ve been victimised.

And for a very long time they were the underdogs and they were being victimised so you can see why they feel that way.

He went on to criticise Farrakhan: “But why they would attach themselves to a person who means nothing but trouble where everyone he touches and everyone who comes around him like Minister Farrakhan is a mystery to me.”

This guy is a very, very bad guy. This guy is Hitler. This guy is Goebbels. He would if he could do all the things that they’ve done. I mean he’s talking about termites. What do we do with termites? We gas them. That’s what he’s talking about Jews.

His comments about black people was met with widespread criticism.

Stein’s comments come as Americans discuss reparations vis-a-vis the legacy of racism.

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