Last night, thousands of people took the streets around Whitehall, and across the UK, to protest US President Donald Trump's immigration ban and to urge the UK government to stand up against it.

And while the demonstrators were fuelled by anger at Trump’s administration, they definitely didn’t lack humour either. They brought along some brilliant signs that added some much-needed levity to the grim state of things.

They had some works of art

Protesters outside Downing Street, London, 30 January 2017Picture: Jack Taylor/Getty Images

Picture: Jack Taylor/Getty Images

As well as poetry.

Picture: Jack Taylor/Getty Images

Some emojis

Picture: @josh_withey

Picture: @josh_withey

Picture: Jack Taylor/Getty Images

References to Cheetos.

Picture: @josh_withey

And tiny hands.

Picture: @josh_withey

London slang.

Picture: Leon Neal/Getty Images

One for historians and Harry Potter fans.

Unexpected references to Hugh Grant,


RuPaul's Drag Race,

Picture:Picture: @josh_withey

And classic musicals.

And the obligatory Father Ted sign.

The protests weren't just in London. The signs in Scotland were especially Scottish.

The difference between UK regions, in one tweet.

'Ball to your walls.'

There was this twist on a classic quote.

But maybe the best was this simple message.

Picture: @josh_withey

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