These are the best and worst lovers in the world

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Does your geographical location really make you a better or worse lover?

How about cultural backgrounds? Experience must have a lot to do with it as well.

A survey conducted by online dating site Saucy Dates has discovered that men and women from certain countries are much better lovers than other nations.

The website asked 22,753 of its members to rank the last person they had sex with on a scale of 0-10.

0 = Worst ever

10 = Best ever

Once they had done that, all they had to do is name what country that person was from. Simple, but hardly scientific.

Plus, they only accounted for heterosexual folks so bear that in mind.

Regardless, the results were very good for Americans and not so great for New Zealanders

No individual country managed to score a perfect 10 but the results were as follows:

Perhaps it's the confidence of Americans that saw them come out on top or maybe there are a lot of of Americans using that particular website?

We can only presume that New Zealand came bottom because it's the land of Mordor and everyone is too busy fighting orcs.

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Also, sorry to be sceptical but where are the Asians and South Americans in this list?

We'd love to know how they perform in the bedroom, just for the information of course!


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