Beyonce dressed as Lil' Kim for Halloween and Lil' Kim loved it

Beyonce dressed as Lil' Kim for Halloween and Lil' Kim loved it

We all know that Beyoncé can wear anything and still be declared the queen of the known universe.

Earlier this year the paparazzi managed to grab a shot of the international superstar wearing spanx during a night out and she still managed to style it out.

This year for Halloween, Beyonce decided to rock the look of another member of music royalty - none other than Lil' Kim.

Over the weekend 36-year-old Beyonce shared a series of outfits inspired by Lil Kim and we are frankly lost for words.

Scroll through the below posts to see all the outfits.

None of these made the cut for her or Jay-Z when they attended Kelly Rowland's Halloween party on Monday evening however.

As reported by E Newsthe couple wore costumes based on those previously worn by Lil' Kim and Jay-Z's old friend Notorious B.I.G.

As you could have probably guessed the internet went into a meltdown after seeing these images and rightfully so.

It's fair to say that no one was more touched or happy to see these photos than Lil' Kim herself, who sent out a series of tweets to show her gratitude.

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