Bill Nye 'The Science Guy' walks into a lift. Gets more than he bargained for

Greg Evans
Sunday 24 September 2017 15:30

Warning: This article contains some slightly NSFW footage

Scientist, educator, television presenter, comedian and all round genius Bill Nye has done a lot of cool and weird things in his life but we doubt anything can compare to this.

Recently in a Las Vegas hotel the 61-year-old who currently presents the Netflix series, Bill Nye Saves the World, entered a lift and was greeted to an unexpected sight.

That sight was a group of young women wearing swimsuits dancing and gyrating in front of a mirror and filming it on their phones.

Nye, being a gentleman and a professional entered the elevator and couldn't have been more calm about the situation.

Otherwise, known as "The Science Guy," Nye greeted them with a calm as you like "Hello girls" and an instant viral hit was made.

Savanah Prosch, who posted the video on Twitter was in Vegas for the 'Life is Beautiful' music and art festival, which Nye was appearing at.

Prosch's friend, Madison Bubb, is quoted by International Business Times as saying:

[Nye] wasn't expecting to see a bunch of girls try to pretend like they weren't just doing something that he definitely saw.

Before adding

[Nye was] super nice and polite though. Said hello girls, asked if we wanted pictures.

Reactions on Twitter have been typically excellent.

HT Gizmodo, International Business Times, Twitter

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