Raynard Jackson
Raynard Jackson

Recent Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings show that 100 per cent of the funding raised by political action committee 'Black Americans for a Better Future' comes from right wing white business tycoons, The Intercept reports.

Super PACs are committees which organise limitless contributions to political campaigns in federal US elections, which all big-hitter candidates rely on.

The latest filings show that $400,000 (90 per cent) of BABF's funding comes from billionaire hedge fund manager Robert Mercer - who has also donated $11m to a Super PAC which is funding Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz.

The remaining $17,250 in donations also comes from white business men - all of whom, like Mercer, are active or past Republican donors.

The monetary donations raised through BABF appear to fund the political activities of black businessman Raynard Jackson, based in Washington D.C., whose website says he is a fan of free markets and small government.

The Intercept reports Jackson has accused president Barack Obama of "relentless pandering to homosexuals".

Jackson did not respond to requests for comment.

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