14-year-old black girl filmed being punched by police officers as they arrest her


A video of a 14-year-old black girl being struck by police officers in America has surfaced, once again bringing the issue of police brutality and racial bias into the spotlight.

An unnamed teenager is shown in the video planted on the floor, surrounded by Coral Springs, Florida police officers.

The video quickly circulated across social media over the weekend, along with ample and justified outrage at what was being shown.

The incident, which happened on Thursday 18 October, sparked further conversations about the use of excessive force.

Numerous people criticised the officer's actions while also questioning what the girl had done to deserve this response from the police.

Coral Springs Police responded to the incident with a statement about the video:

As with all social media posts, it shows only the end of the story, not the incident in its entirety which led up to the arrest.

The statement claims the teen was part of a group who had been "harassing patrons and causing a disturbance." The teens were causing issues for mall security, and supposedly they were violent towards other teenagers.

When police arrived, "Security indicated one of the teens [arrested] was seen striking another teen patron." Once the teens were banned from the mall, they reportedly returned.

The teen is said to have "violently kicked" an officer as police tried to put her in the patrol car. She was then transported to Justice Administrative Commission (JAC) and charged with resisting arrest, trespassing and battery on a police officer.

The police's statement was a bit lacking for some people.

You'd hope that somewhere, and sometime soon, there must be a rational thought of 'Maybe I won't beat this defenceless child" from police officers.

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