Black man was arrested for 'loitering' at his own apartment complex

Black man was arrested for 'loitering' at his own apartment complex

A man in Indianapolis was arrested in the parking lot of his own apartment complex because this is apparently what happens in America now.

Jaquon Dean was sitting in a car when he was approached by an officer in uniform.

The officer began demanding to know his name and called in backup when Dean refused to identify himself.

The young black man was arrested after the white police officer accused him of “loitering".

There's just a few problems with this, one being that Dean lived in the apartment complex he was supposedly loitering in.

Dean filmed the encounter. According to Indianapolis channel WRTV, the officer filmed is James Reynolds, who is the owner of security company Reynolds Security Consulting Corps.

"How am I loitering if I live on this property," Dean asks in the video. "You don't know if I'm fixing my car if I'm waiting to leave or not, so why are you walking up saying I'm loitering?"

The officer demands ID from Dean, who declined stating that he didn't want to tell them his address.

Dean told WRTV that the officer was at the complex "every day" and "knows [Dean] lives there".

There’s a lot of back-and-forth from the officers about how Dean isn’t cooperating. Dean asks over and over again what crime he was committing.

The video becomes even harder to watch when Dean is yanked out of his car and arrested. You can hear the officers tell him to "stop tensing up" despite his calm demeanour the entire time.

According to WRTV, Dean was later confirmed as a resident of the apartment complex he was supposedly 'loitering' around.

Further digging revealed the officer who identified himself as Reynolds had reportedly been removed from a position at the Marion County Sheriff's Office in 2013.

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