In possibly America's stupidest gun law... you are actually allowed to brandish a firearm in Georgia even if you're blind

Turns out in Georgia, you can still carry a gun in public even if you're legally blind.

Local TV station Channel 2 Action News did some digging after the friend of a blind man who insists on packing heat contacted them - and found out that it's perfectly legal in the state for people who can't see to take guns out in public.

Apart from the whole not-being-able-to-see-where-he's-aiming-a-deadly-weapon part, the man expressed worry that his friend would get into trouble for not reading and complying with 'no concealed weapons' signs, or be an easy target for muggers.

He admitted driving his friend to a gun shop to buy a 12 gauge shotgun recently.

The channel checked with the local probate judge, who said it was within the law to issue the blind man's license.

Georgia does not publicly release gun ownership records, so the team couldn't find out how many legally blind people in the state have a license to carry.

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