Benghazi film gunman 'took gun to cinema because he was afraid of mass shootings'

The man suspected of accidentally shooting a woman in the chest during a film screening reportedly said he was carrying the weapon because he was scared of mass shootings.

But gave two contradictory explanations as well.

Dane Gallion, 29, allegedly shot the woman during a screening of Benghazi movie 13 Hours, in Renton, Washington - and claimed that the gun had fallen from his pocket before accidentally going off.

However, police say he has given three contradictory accounts of what happened.

Speaking after the shooting, Detective Robert Onishi said:

He told some people he’d taken the gun out because he was concerned about the possibility of mass shootings there.'

But this goes against what Gallion told the officer who arrested him - claiming that he fired the gun when another movie-goer attempted to grab his crotch.

A third explanation was also offered at the police station when he told police he was being "bothered" by a man, but reportedly refused to go into specific details.

It's believed Gallion didn't have a license for the weapon and had consumed a cocktail of beer and xanax before entering the cinema.

The woman, 40-year-old Michelle Malari, is believed to be in a stable condition in hospital.

Gallion has since been charged with third degree assault.

H/T: Gawker

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