Boomers are absolutely snowflakier than millennials – science proves it

You know how when boomers started getting really offended by "OK boomer" and we were like "WHO'S THE SNOWFLAKE NOW??"

Turns out every millennial's instincts were right and it is in fact their parents who were the overly sensitive ones after all. Science proves it.

According to the biggest study on narcissism ever conducted, "individuals who were born earlier in the [20th] century," had higher levels of "hypersensitivity" and higher levels of "willfulness".

In other news, they're stubborn and easily offended.

It's hard to be too gleeful about this revelation, considering the reason for the disparity. According to lead author William Chopik, it's likely a result of growing up with social privileges, such as a properly functioning social safety net. Imagine!

And it gets better. Chopik told Insiderthat based on this study, "there's weak evidence that this [younger] generation is the worst in human history." Wahoo! Vindication at last.

We don't expect boomers to stop calling millennials "snowflakes" any time soon, but at least we know the truth, and that's what really matters.

HT: Mashable

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