Teenager appears to demolish Boris Johnson’s Brexit approach

Teenager appears to demolish Boris Johnson’s Brexit approach

Boris Johnson’s Brexit strategies are dropping like the pound on Brexit day.

While he admitted to Andrew Neil that he doesn’t actually know the law he intends to use to plaster over the gaping wound of a no-deal Brexit, his assertions that we can rely on a totally unfounded sense of optimism to see us through haven’t fared too well either.

Baldrick Johnson’s cunning plan was swiftly debunked by a (very astute) 16-year-old.

Youth parliament member Alex Mcgovern told LBC’s Ian Dale:

Personality is not going to help us get through this crisis. 

Having a loud voice and 'peddling optimism' as Jeremy Hunt described it is not going to help.

I think optimism is one thing, but it has got to be founded optimism, it can't be optimism for the sake of it, and saying we might as well be happy. 

We need to be realistic and pragmatic. The EU has been so engrained in our society for so many years, and we need to realise we can't just smile through it, it'll be fine, and I don't think Boris can do it.

Speaking ahead of Mr Johnson's telling interview with Andrew Neil on Friday, by which point Tory members had already cast their ballots, he accused the former London mayor of hiding from interviews "because he knows what he's saying is fundamentally just flawed".

He then gave the likely future prime minister's one remotely tangible plan short shrift, saying:

If you look at his Plan B as it were, if he can't get a deal with the EU, GATT 24.

I just can't see it working. He knows it as well. I think he's just trying to sound like he's done his research.

Listeners responded well to the young politician.

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