Boris Johnson said that there 'will be drinking water after Brexit' and everyone made the same joke

Boris Johnson's bid to become prime minister has experienced a few bumps in the road but he is still considered to be the favourite for the job.

He's now given his most clear indication that he would be willing to push through a no-deal by suspending parliament if a deal had not been reached by October 31.

However, he added that he is not attracted to that idea and hoped that the 'common sense' of MPs would prevail. Speaking at a Tory leadership hustings in Bournemouth on Thursday he said:

I’m not attracted to the idea of a no-deal exit from the EU but, you know, I think it would be absolutely folly to rule it out. I think it’s an essential tool of our negotiation.

I don’t envisage the circumstances in which it will be necessary to prorogue parliament, nor am I attracted to that expedient.

He would later go on to dismiss claims that a no-deal would put the British economy at risk and said that warnings from food industry experts were "nonsense."

The planes will fly, there will be drinking water whatever happens on November 1 in this country and there will be milk solids and glucose and whey for our Mars Bars. Where there’s a will there’s a whey.

Johnson's quote, although taken out of context, have gone viral on Twitter and he is being criticised for guaranteeing the British public the bare minimum come November.

Drinking water, aye? Well, at least we won't be thirsty...

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