Boris Johnson's most embarrassing Brexit slogan is coming back to haunt him
Peter Summers / Getty Images

People are mocking a resurfaced Conservative party tweet promising that Boris Johnson's Brexit deal is "oven ready".

The tweet is now heavily ironic, given that Johnson has threatened to walk out of Brexit talks if a deal isn't negotiated by mid-October, making a no-deal Brexit a firm possibility once again.

And now the whole Brexit process has been thrown into more uncertainty by reports that Johnson plans to "rip apart" elements of the Withdrawal Agreement he negotiated with the EU last year.

Recently, Johnson admitted that coming to an agreement with the EU is "very difficult", while leaked government documents reportedly suggest that preparing the UK's borders for post-Brexit trade is "proving unmanageable".

This would be terribly embarrassing if he had based his entire election campaign around having a Brexit deal ready to go... right?

People are making suggestions as to what is really in Johnson's microwaveable Brexit box.

And questioning what that 'Ding!' sound really is.

It's certainly not the sound of a finished Brexit deal coming out of the microwave.

Or should that be oven? It's always been unclear...

The UK left the EU on 31 January and entered a transition period until 31 December.

If a deal isn't successfully negotiated within this period, the UK is very likely to crash out in January next year.

So far, it seems that Johnson's plan was actually as half-baked as his oft-repeated metaphors.

Remind us all how your Brexit deal is "oven ready" again?

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