Boris Johnson said the Brexit delay is costing Britain £250m a week and everyone said the same thing

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Boris Johnson has claimed that the ongoing Brexit delay is currently costing the UK £250 million-a-week which would appear in contrast to the figure that he had printed on the side of a bus in 2016.

In a tweet posted on Tuesday evening, the prime minister shared a video of himself talking in the Commons where he criticised the delay and bemoaned the amount that it is costing the UK on a weekly basis.

In the clip, where Johnson criticised Jeremy Corbyn and Labour for continuing to delay Brexit, he said:

They want to delay Brexit yet again, without further reference to those who voted for it, handing over to Brussels an extra £250 million a week for no purpose.

Enough to upgrade more than five hospitals or train 5,000 new nurses. And most egregiously of all, not only have they refused to choose the way ahead, they have now twice denied the British people their say in an election.

The problem here is that during the 2016 EU referendum, Johnson claimed that £350m a week was going to the EU. So why the sudden the drop in value?

Who knows but people have been more than happy to point out the prime minister's alternative prices on the UK's EU membership.

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