An awkward video has emerged of the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu completely mistaking Boris Johnson for another Boris, that being the former Russian president Boris Yeltsin.

In an awkward gaffe the Israeli PM was addressing his cabinet during a meeting at the weekend, not long after returning from a visit to London where he had actually met Johnson at Downing Street.

However, the meeting with Johnson clearly didn't leave much of an impact on Netanyahu who inexplicably thought the British PM was the former Russian leader, who died in 2007.

In the original clip which was leaked online by journalist Noa Landau, Netanyahu said:

I’ve returned from a very pleasant visit in London, where I’ve met with Prime Minister Boris Yeltsin and the US defence secretary,

His colleagues then erupt in laughter and correct his mistake before moving onto other matters. Watch the moment in the tweet below.

To make the matter even more amusing the official 'PM of Israel' Twitter account shared the video but thanks to a clever bit of editing, managed to completely remove the mistake, making it appear that Netanyahu said Johnson's name correctly.

People have since responded to the original clip with jokes mocking Netanyahu by editing Yeltsin into pictures replacing Johnson and Donald Trump.

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