Boris Johnson's press trip to Luxembourg didn't go quite to plan, as he was greeted with an array of boos and jeers.

The prime minister travelled to the continent for a face-to-face meeting with the European Commission president Jean-Claud Junker: his first since entering Downing Street.

However, it was an afternoon press conference which really caught people's attention, after the prime minister of Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel, went ahead with the presser despite the fact that Johnson was nowhere to be seen.

Speaking after the conference, he explained to journalists the reason he didn't show up:

I don’t think it would have been fair to the prime minister of Luxembourg to... 

I think there was clearly going to be a lot of noise and our points might have been drowned out... 

But I'm happy to talk to you now. 

The no-show and the boos and jeers were quickly referred to as a 'humiliation', as well as an 'ambush' by the UK's press, and it goes without saying that people on social media found the whole thing rather hilarious and unacceptable.

Many compared Mr Johnson to the Knight in Monty Python who just... ran away...

Others weren't buying the excuse...

There were also calls of... CHICKEN!

Ouch. Others weren't so polite.

HT The Poke

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