Three years ago Boris Johnson was the man who was gung-ho for leaving the EU and spearheaded the Vote Leave campaign.

Now, with his vision of Brexit crumbling around him, like a stale packet of crisps, the only thing that Boris can do is moan about how the process has turned out.

In a rant on Twitter on Tuesday evening, the Tory MP bemoaned the fact that Theresa May has invited the Labour Party to help out with the government's efforts to leave the EU and criticised May for not going through with a no-deal.

Let's not forget that this is a man who paraded around for most of 2016 in front of a big red bus plastered in a blatant lie, and then scurried away to the backbenches once it became clear that his mate Michael Gove wasn't going to back him.

Johnson's latest complaint about Brexit has gone down like a lead balloon and many people have been quick to criticise the former foreign secretary for not owning up to the situation he created by peddling lies.

Also, someone should actually tell him that the UK hasn't left the EU yet. Can this man tell the truth at all? Like just for once?

He really should have written it like this...

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