Boris Johnson: This clip from his time as foreign secretary reveals what he is really like behind the scenes

Boris Johnson: This clip from his time as foreign secretary reveals what he is really like behind the scenes

To put it lightly, Boris Johnson is a man of many... talents.

Not only has he just succeeded in being announced as the leader of the Conservative Party, replacing Theresa May, and taking over as the prime minister of the United Kingdom on Wednesday, he's also consistently succeeded in offending half of the planet, managed to duck questions about Islamophobia by serving tea and couldn't even congratulate the England football team without getting roasted.

And now he's one of two Tory MPs left in the leadership contest, running against Jeremy Hunt, with the winner by default being given the keys to Number 10 becoming our next prime minister.

It's safe to say that 55-year-old Tory isn't the most popular MP in the Commons, and any chance to call him out on everything is taken with great aplomb.

Luckily, he gives these moments out to the public in droves, and the 2018 BBC Two series Inside The Foreign Office provided a truly exceptional Boris moment, that wouldn't be out of place on an episode of The Thick of It.

The clip starts out with Johnson in Lisbon, Portugal, where he is filming a promo for his Twitter feed - but it doesn't go too well.

Boris forgets what role Portugal had in the Second World War, whether Portugal is the UK's fourth-biggest trading partner or if the UK is Portugal's fourth-biggest trading partner, then he proceeds to get James Bond very wrong.

Take a look for yourself.

What the BBC thought was probably a candid insight into the everyday working life of a politician has backfired as the video is being used to highlight to glaring inadequacies that Johnson brings to the table, such as not knowing anything about a foreign country and how valuable a trading partner they are, and the belief that James Bond is a real person.

The video has since gone viral and let's just say that people aren't being very kind to the former foreign secretary.

People really couldn't ignore that 'Bond fact'.

The Thick of It references were ripe.

Even Jeremy Vine didn't hold back.

At least we can agree with this part of the clip.

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