British Gas pranked by someone complaining about ‘Boris Johnson fixing their boiler’

British Gas pranked by someone complaining about ‘Boris Johnson fixing their boiler’

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak yesterday visited the British Gas Training Academy in Leicester to welcome the company’s plan to recruit 3,500 apprentices over the next ten years as part of a “green skills jobs boost”.

However, videos and pictures from their visit were used for mischief, with some poking fun at Johnson donning a British Gas uniform.

Twitter user Amanda posted a screenshot of Johnson in his British Gas garb with the caption: “Just had someone from British Gas round. My boiler is still broken, he ate all my biscuits, and he left a giant turd in my toilet.”

A member of British Gas’ Twitter team allegedly then reached out, writing: “Hi Amanda, I’m sorry to hear this as it’s not what we expect from our engineers. Please DM me your full address and phone number so I can look into this?”

Others took to Twitter saying they wouldn’t want Johnson reading their meter whereas another referred to the PM and Chancellor as “rogue traders”.

Others criticised the politicians’ visit to British Gas following the “fire and rehire” dispute earlier this year.

After around 7,000 British Gas engineers staged 44 days of strike action, a deal was eventually reached with the workers’ GMB trade union.

The dispute began in April when approximately 500 engineers lost their jobs after refusing to sign new contracts which cut their pay and extended their hours.

With Johnson now apparently in possession of a British Gas uniform, perhaps it would be appropriate for British Gas to join Gas Networks Ireland in raising awareness for bogus gas installers.

Still, we’d take Irish national treasure, Daniel O’Donnell, over Johnson any day.

In a statement to indy100, a British Gas spokesperson said: “We’re creating thousands of highly-skilled and well-paid British jobs to ensure that we have a workforce that can help to make the transition to low carbon both hassle-free and affordable for our customers.”

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