Campaign encouraging people to ‘Clap for Boris’ hijacked by people listing all the reasons not to

Louis Staples
Sunday 29 March 2020 13:15

It takes a lot more than a life-threatening global health pandemic for British people to abandon political squabbling.

But for a brief few seconds, we stopped fighting on Thursday night at 8pm to clap for the NHS workers who are helping us through the coronavirus pandemic.

It hasn’t taken long, though, for the clapping to be politicised in a totally different, less unifying direction.

A hashtag campaign emerged on Twitter calling on people to “Clap for Boris”, presumably to wish the prime minister well as he recovers from Covid-19 and thank him for his efforts to stop the virus from spreading.

But predictably the #ClapForBoris hashtag has been co-opted by people who, despite the PM's coronavirus diagnosis, aren’t exactly thrilled about the idea of clapping for him.

The brief respite provided by the wholesome NHS clap on Thursday was nice. But it looks like it's back to normal.