Boris Johnson's new coronavirus slogan has become an instant meme

Boris Johnson's new coronavirus slogan has become an instant meme

The UK government has now got another slogan for all of us to abide by to keep us safe from coronavirus.

Firstly we had 'stay home, stay safe, protect the NHS' which was relatively easy to understand and follow. Then we had 'stay alert, control the virus, protect lives' which was a bit less easy to understand.

Boris Johnson had briefly introduced 'prepare for the worst, hope for the best' which sounded like something from a Tom Cruise movie but that doesn't seem to have stuck around for very long.

Now we have a new slogan which is probably the Tories most cryptic to date. During his press conference on Friday where he updated the British public on rules about Covid-19, as cases continue to rise, Johnson said a new saying:

The only real utensil we have (in) controlling the spread of this new virus is human behaviour. The only way we can encourage people to behave in one way or the other is through advice.

And so you're totally right, we need to keep it as simple as we possibly can and that's why, to sum it up in a nutshell, is: hands, face, space.

Wash your hands, cover your face in the settings that we had mentioned and keep your distance from other people where you don't know them, you're coming into contact with them for the first time, and of course get a test and self-isolate if you have symptoms.

I hope that was pretty... you know, that was pretty punchy I think - hands, face, space, and get a test. I think everybody can more or less remember that.

Although it's a nice little rhyme which informs people to wash their hands, cover their face and keep a safe space from others as well as getting a test, judging by reactions on social media it could have been a little clearer and not so open to jokes.

LBC's James O'Brien probably had the most scathing take on the new slogan.

The government has warned that a second wave of coronavirus that is sweeping across Europe could reach the UK soon but experts have been critical of the Tories, claiming that they aren't doing enough to protect people and contain the outbreak. At the time of writing, parts of the UK have been placed back into lockdown due to a local rise in cases.

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