With Boris Johnson in intensive care, there's a campaign to make a national #ClapForBoris happen and people are divided about it

Last night Boris Johnson, who we learnt had tested positive for Covid-19 last week and hospitalised on Sunday, is now in the intensive care unit.

It came as a shock to many given all the communication up until that point seemed to suggest the prime minister's case was mild, and foreign secretary/PM understudy Dominic Raab was still trying to convince people that Johnson was "in charge", running the country from his hospital bed – despite not having heard from him in days.

As the news came out, the public was understandably shook. Twitter, WhatsApp and group chats imploded, and speculation and rumours seemed to flood social media.

Quickly, it seemed the public – already frustrated at being stuck indoors with not much to do – decided clapping was the way forward. Because apparently that's our new thing in times of coronavirus.

Those who found it in themselves to feel sorry for the prime minister began suggesting that we should all #ClapForBoris tonight. As we all know, claps are great to a) get NHS workers the workers' rights, remuneration and social value they're entitled to; and b) cure people of coronavirus.

Leave.EU have been the biggest backers of this initiative...

But ordinary folks (in particular those with a penchant for Union Jacks) were quick to jump on the bandwagon.

People pointed out that while thousands have actually died over the past few weeks, Boris is actually being well taken care of in hospital, so it makes little sense for him to deserve the clap.

Especially considering the questionable way he's handled the crisis.

Others suggested it minimised the importance of the claps for the NHS workers who are knowingly risking their lives to keep us safe.

Especially given that Johnson himself didn't seem to value them much before a global pandemic hit the spotlight.

The clap is supposedly going ahead at 8pm tonight.

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