Boris Johnson branded a 'skiver' for being strangely absent as people demand to know where he is

Around the world, the heads of state have stepped up to the challenges created by the pandemic.

In Slovakia, Zuzana Čaputová matches her face mask to her outfit every day. Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, has hosted daily press conferences. But Boris Johnson is seemingly nowhere to be found.

Perhaps the middle of a pandemic – where the government has got a lot to answer for – isn’t the best time to step away from the spotlight. The UK government has been hosting daily press conferences to update the country about how the government is responding to the coronavirus pandemic. Johnson hasn’t led any press conferences since 12 May, and the last time that he was seen at work was during PMQs a week ago. He was seen "clapping for carers" 6 days ago.

On Twitter, people came up with a couple of different explanations about why Johnson is nowhere to be seen.

Someone posted a version of the government’s Covid alert system.

Some drew comparisons to the children’s book, Where’s Wally.

Even Piers Morgan, who has, in recent months, done a U-Turn on the Conservative Party over their handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, tweeted about Johnson’s notable absence.

Others also pointed out that Johnson is a rarity – other leaders have been visible when necessary.

Typically, PMQs would be when Johnson makes his next appearance, which takes place later today.

Who knows, maybe the PM has just been spending time with his new baby son, Wilfred? Either way, a little heads up that he was planning to disappear would have been nice.

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