MP accuses Johnson of trying to 'convince the public he is stupid rather than dishonest'

MP accuses Johnson of trying to 'convince the public he is stupid rather than dishonest'
Boris Johnson tells MPs he will not resign over Downing Street parties
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An MP brutally savaged Boris Johnson during PMQs yesterday, saying he tries to "convince the public he is stupid rather than dishonest".

Diana Johnson, the Labour MP for Kingston upon Hull North, joined the swelling ranks of people suggesting Johnson should resign over Partygate, referencing excuses he made about attending an event in May 2020 that haven't exactly gone down well.

She said:

"When a prime minister is spending his time trying to convince the great British public he's actually stupid rather than dishonest, isn't it time that he goes now?"

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It comes after Johnson claimed that no-one told him the drinks garden party he attended in May 2020 was against the rules.

In an interview with Sky's Beth Rigby earlier this week, the PM said: “I carry full responsibility for what took place, but nobody told me … Nobody said to me, this is an event that is against the rules, that is in breach of what we’re asking everyone else to do, [and] should not go ahead.

This in turn followed Johnson admitting he popped out to the event in a statement to parliament last week, but claiming he thought it was "a work event" and people haven't been that forgiving, with MPs reportedly filing no-confidence letters and more brazen politicians openly breaking ranks and calling for the PM to resign.

But Johnson Is clinging on and he replied to, er, Johnson, and said: "I've made my point. I think that the British public have responded to what this government has to say in the most eloquent way possible.

"They have beaten Covid so far, they have helped to defeat Covid so far with the steps they have taken by getting vaccinated and implementing Plan B and I thank them.

You're welcome but I don't think that's what we were talking about?

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